This is more of an ongoing experiment.

Photography is something that I have wanted to get into as long as I can remember. In 2000, at 14, I camped out in front of a store in order to purchase a camera that I thought I would be able to use in a photography class I wanted to take. To my disappointment, the class was unavailable to me at the time and the brand new camera went unused. 11 years later, I invested in an entry level camera and just started shooting. It is still very much a hobby, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I know very little about Photography, but have learned something new with every shot I take. At this point, I have enjoyed blending the boundaries between photography, art and design. Someday, I hope to take that class I missed out on years ago!


Gorge White C




Horseshoe Bend Sunset

Antelope Canyon

Horseshoe Bend

Lake Powell

Concrete Bar Top TM PS c

Gorge Rocks TM PS c

Beach Rocks TM PS C

Sauvie's Island 2 ©

SL Sign + Dove TM PS ©

Temple TM PS C

Emmit HDR PS ©

Beach Motel HDR PS ©

Cannon Stair HDR PS ©

Barn TM PS c

Blue Lake Winter TM PS C

Marble TM PS C

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