Architecture Projects

Architectural Design Philosophy

I am fascinated by how Architecture is a synthesis of the subjective and objective. It requires an elegant balance between the artist’s touch and the mathematician’s mind. Harmony between form and function is vital. Its objective nature is what makes it work, while its subjective nature is why it is remembered. I am interested in people and how they relate and react to the built environment. This threshold between people and the built environment, to me, is Architecture.

Due to the confidential nature of some work, I am unable to share all work on here.

***Many of my galleries are down at the moment.***


    Independent Competition. This was an independent competition I entered for the Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship 2016. I was given 4 days from the day we received the program to put a proposal of 4 20×20 boards. One of four finalists.    

  • House 800

    Independent Exploration. House 800 is something I spent about a week designing for myself. Though it is very much a hypothetical project at this point, I am primarily taking the time to model and render the project to work on a set of visualization skills I want to experiment with. I am building it to experiment with…

  • Protected: Project Sketches CONFIDENTIAL

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Project Diagrams

    ZGF Project. Below are a collection of diagrams that I did as part of a preliminary design proposal. competition submission.

  • Project Diagrams

    ZGF Project. Note: I did not do the renderings for this project, but I did build the model with the lead designer. I worked on this design proposal under the lead designer. Below are a collections of diagrams and sketches I did as we worked to put together this proposal.  

  • Residence | Amuny-Dey

    Paul Mckean Architecture Project. I worked on this custom home though construction documents under the supervision of Paul Mckean at Paul Mckean Architecture LLC.    


    Independent Competition. This was an independent competition I entered for the Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship. I was given 5 days from the day we received the program to put a proposal of 4 20×20 boards. The program consisted of a new cycling center by an existing velodrome in San Jose. The goal of this proposal…


    ZGF Project | Nike World Headquarters Expansion | Beaverton, Oregon At Nike World Headquarters, near Beaverton, Oregon, breakthrough product is designed and developed for the world’s best athletes. This stems from a constant drive to imagine, invent and deliver the future of sport — a mission facilitated by workspaces that support rapid iteration and creation through…

  • Gable Retreat

    Independent Exploration. The Gable Retreat was a small residential retreat I designed over a few days after I was inspired by a photograph I saw of the landscape shown below. I was inspired by the texture, tones, and forms to design a small little retreat in the middle of the landscape. The simple gable reflects the…

  • Project

    Professional Project. Just some renderings I did for a project. I was not involved in anything else.

  • Blurred Lines

    ZGF Pro bono Progect | Blurred Lines | Portland, Oregon. Blurred Lines was a temporary installation we put together for Design Week in Portland, OR. Several design and tech teams around the city put together digital installations, and we volunteered to design the space the event would be held at. We came up with a…

  • Block 137

    ZGF Project | Block 137 | Lake Oswego, Oregon. Block 137 is a mixed use development with over 200 residential units across three separate buildings. The challenge with this project was working within the strict design guidelines required by the city of Lake Oswego. Our buildings were to be of the Lake Oswego style which…